TPF is a CBUS Top Pick for 2017!

We are honored to be picked as a CBUS Top Pick for Speciality Fitness Studio for 2017. Thank you for all those who voted for us and to all of our loyal and dedicated clients. We look forward to sharing fitness and fun with you in 2018!

Pilates Teacher Training

Are you interested in becoming a Pilates teacher? Turning Point Fitness is a Host Training Facility for Power Pilates. We offer opportunities throughout the year for you to start your training to become an comprehensively trained Pilates Instructor and continuing education for existing teachers. Our first training is January 19- 21st for Core Mat 1. Check out our Teacher Training page for more information.

Power Pilates Tower Progressions Video Workshop

Power Pilates Tower Progressions

Power Pilates Tower Progressions

This workshop guides you in growing your clients safely and effectively from beginner to advanced with the Pilates Tower unit. The workshop reviews technique and teaching formulas, demonstrates progression of exercises and concludes with a full Tower class delivered to an intermediate/advanced level. This class example ties everything together in a practical application of the workshop material.

Tower Progressions Promo (YouTube)

Purchase Tower Progressions (Leaders in Fitness)

Why do private Pilates sessions?

What is the difference between a private Pilates session and a semi private session?  And why should I do private sessions?  We get asked these questions frequently.   A private session is one on one with an certified Pilates instructor and a semi private is with 2 to 3 people in a session.  If you are new Pilates it is always  good idea to start with a private session.  This is the best way to get introduced to the Pilates Method and get an understanding of Pilates and the apparatus.  Once you get a little experience you can feel more comfortable with a Pilates Tower or mat class. 

 If you are already a Pilates junkie, scheduling a Pilates private session on a monthly or regular basis can help you improve your practice quicker than a semi or small group class.   Of course, the most obvious difference is the cost between a private and semi private session.  However, a private session can be a treat and allows you to can feedback or homework so that you can apply that information to your weekly workouts.  We agree that working out with others can be fun, but every now and again some one on one time is needed.  

National Pilates Day!

Saturday, May 6th is National Pilates Day!  Be sure to celebrate with us in the month of May as we celebrate Pilates!  We will be offering special Pilates Mat classes through out the month and be sure to catch our coupon!

Time for March MATness!

Join us this month as we celebrate the mat exercises that were created and documented by Joseph Pilates in his book ‘Return to Life through Contrology.’  March MATness was created by Benjamin Degenhardt in 2013 and is now celebrated worldwide by Pilates enthusiasts everywhere!  Everyday we will explore the original order of the mat exercises.  So grab a mat and lets move!  To learn more about March MATness you can visit:  

Why Turning Point Fitness in 2017?

The start of another new year brings the start of new goals and maybe choosing a new fitness routine.  At Turning Point Fitness we are committed to enhancing your life through movement.  We offer more than fitness classes.  We offer the experience of knowledgeable and highly trained and certified instructors.  We offer a sense of community where fitness and health are not only functional, but fun.  Want to learn more?  Explore our website and then give us a call to set up an appointment and learn more.

Holiday Schedule is Posted!

Please note that we will have a holiday class schedule the week of December 26 to January 1st!  Please check out all the offerings online.  We will host a special 90 minute workout on December 31st to help get you started for the New Year!

More Pilates Mat & Reformer Classes!

Check out our new Pilates Mat and Pilates reformer classes this fall!  NEW: Pilates Mat – Thursday 8am & Sunday 10am  Pilates Reformer Class- Monday 8am & Thursday 5:30pm!

Pilates Training and Reformer class!

In addition to offering Classical Pilates classes, private and semi private sessions we are now offering a reformer class!  This class is designed to help you grow in your Pilates practice and refine your reformer technique.  Class is being offered Wednesday at 8AM . Call the studio for more details.

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