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Does Dieting Make You Fat?

How many of you have gone a diet?  I am going to assume that if you actually read this article, the answer is yes!  Ok, second question – How many of you stayed on the diet for more than two weeks?  In fact research shows that most people stay on a diet for… are you […]

Strength training, the difference between strength and endurance and why you need both.

When it comes to strength training there are a few things that you need to consider when developing your workout plan.  First of all in order to have a well balanced workout routine you need to include strength training.  Strength training offers the following benefits; increased bone and muscle strength, increased muscle mass, and of […]

Finding Balance in Your Health and Fitness goals.

Hopefully you are still sticking to your New Year resolutions at this point in the year.  And more importantly hopefully you took time to set goals for yourself relating to fitness, health, family, and financial.   The health and fitness goal doesn’t have to state loose “x” amount of weight, but it does need to be […]

Pilates and Perseverance Pays off!

I want to share a success story with you.  Too many times we don’t hear enough of these, we only hear about failures.  I get a lot of people starting Pilates as they move on from physical therapy or they have read Pilates can help relieve pain associated with back problems.  Pilates can help relieve […]

Three Simple Things to Help Keep Holiday Weight off

As we enter the month of November, we enter the Holiday Season.  The Season for parties, social gatherings, shopping, and yes everyone’s favorite…eating.  The Holiday Season is filled with all these activities that are fun and sometimes interfere with our normal schedules.  Well, we should be honest with ourselves if we had to choose; go […]

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