Jeff Hunsaker

Jeff Hunsaker

Jeff Hunsaker

Blessed with a ravenous metabolism, Jeff grew up the “skinny kid”. Try as he might, putting on muscle mass to improve performance on the basketball floor proved a losing battle. As a result, Jeff relied on finesse, quickness, agility and technique to play “bigger” and perform at a higher level. Jeff naturally migrated toward sports supporting his talents: running, cycling and basketball. In adult life, these morphed into lots of 5 and 10k’s, distance cycling, several triathlons and even a marathon. Jeff regularly participates in Columbus’ annual Peletonia charity cycling event to raise money in the fight against cancer.

An avid cyclist, Jeff feels blessed at the opportunity to help others achieve their health and wellness goals through Spinning®. Its low-impact, high-cardio technique-driven format presents the perfect complement to those desiring a challenging workout while reducing the likelihood of injury. In his classes, Jeff encourages a mind-body connection using great form and remaining relaxed in order to fight fatigue. With deep, relaxed breathing, great form, and focused attitude, riders ascend to their individual goals rapidly and safely.

Jeff also serves as the IT Director (a self-anointed title that sounds a lot more glamorous than reality) for Turning Point Fitness maintaining all the computers, network and online presence. He also performs some of the non-critical (stuff he cannot break) facilities maintenance at the studio.

Jeff serves as the IT manager at IGS Energy in Dublin serving the technology needs of both the Marketing and Home Protection business units.

In his free time, Jeff enjoys volunteering with Scouts, cycling on the open road, reading and activities with his wife Lisa and two sons Michael and Nicholas.

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