Why do private Pilates sessions?

What is the difference between a private Pilates session and a semi private session?  And why should I do private sessions?  We get asked these questions frequently.   A private session is one on one with an certified Pilates instructor and a semi private is with 2 to 3 people in a session.  If you are new Pilates it is always  good idea to start with a private session.  This is the best way to get introduced to the Pilates Method and get an understanding of Pilates and the apparatus.  Once you get a little experience you can feel more comfortable with a Pilates Tower or mat class. 

 If you are already a Pilates junkie, scheduling a Pilates private session on a monthly or regular basis can help you improve your practice quicker than a semi or small group class.   Of course, the most obvious difference is the cost between a private and semi private session.  However, a private session can be a treat and allows you to can feedback or homework so that you can apply that information to your weekly workouts.  We agree that working out with others can be fun, but every now and again some one on one time is needed.  

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