Pilates, foundational exercise for everyone

Pilates is a holistic method of movement created by Joseph Pilates in the early 1900’s.  The method itself is a sequence of exercises designed to strengthen the body from the inside out.  Pilates is all about strengthening core, lengthening the body and keeping the spine limber.   Pilates is, in a sense, foundational exercise for everyone.

While Pilates has been practiced in the United States since 1926 when Joe arrived in the US, it was brought to popularity by Hollywood in the late 90’s and is now one of the most popular exercise methods in the country.  Pilates can be beneficial to everyone:  athletes, dancers, seniors, women recovery from pregnancy, and those at various stages of rehabilitation.  The exercises can be modified or enhanced for folks at all levels.

I added Pilates to my teaching certificates in 2000 and since then I have seen how the method lives up to its’ reputation.  I have worked with young dancers, seniors, folks with low back pain (of all ages), folks moving out of physical therapy for various reasons and of course just people who had heard about the method and its’ benefits.  I am always excited to see how Pilates can transform a person and help them achieve their fitness goals.

While I promote and practice other fitness forms, I believe that Pilates is for everyone and is truly a foundation to movement and balance.  Pilates was never intended to be done alone.  In fact, Joe was a boxer and was often seen running through New York.  Pilates was his passion and he believed it would help everyone live a better life.  It has been my experience that he wasn’t wrong!

If you think about it, Pilates just makes sense.  How can you be strong if your core or your insides aren’t?  If you don’t strengthen the core but only focus on the arms and legs, it would be like hanging priceless art on rotting studs!  You have to have a strong base and spine so that you can move with ease and pain free.

If you haven’t tried Pilates you should.  It is a mind body movement method so you need to give it a couple of sessions before it will start to connect with you.  I am sure you will see results.

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