WHY? Fitness and health in 2013

Happy New Year!  Nothing like starting off the New Year with that question: Do you want to lose weight and start a fitness program in 2013?  My guess is you answered YES!  Ok, well here is another question:  WHY?  I mean we all want to lose weight and every New Year we start an exercise program.

How many of you buy the gimmicks that are out there about getting into shape and losing weight?  I can tell you that most people have at some point.  But let me let you in on a little secret; if you really want to get into shape and be healthy you won’t buy the gimmicks.  You know that those gimmicks aren’t really going to work.  If you want to lose weight and get fit then you need to start with WHY you want to do it.  You have to know what is driving you to take these changes in your life.

The New Year is full of new hope for people, and it is also a time for gyms and weight loss companies to win you over.  And I am not saying that if you choose a gyms or weight loss product it won’t work, but don’t pick one without knowing why you are doing it.  What is driving you to make this change in your life?  The gym, the weight loss products, or fitness classes are all examples of what can help you reach your goal, but you have to know why.

When you set out to make those New Year choices about your health and fitness be sure you do your homework.  If you are going to hire a personal trainer, then interview them see what they are all about.  Do they believe what you believe?  If decide to go with a new gym or fitness studio, set up a time to take a tour and ask some questions give you more than how much they charge and what they offer.  Sometimes the cost isn’t the deal breaker.  Better yet get a referral from someone you trust and has the same type of values you do.  Just don’t go buy the gimmick.

When I start working with a new client I always make the offer to meet in person or come into the studio for a tour.  This allows them to meet me and see what I am all about and vise versa.  Sometimes I can tell from this meeting that this may not be a good fit.   I don’t see this as a negative or try to change my approach to win them over.  If our beliefs or goals don’t align at the beginning, more than likely the relationship won’t last.  I tell people that they making a big investment in a deciding to work with a personal trainer or start Pilates and they should make sure they feel like they have a good fit.

I hope you achieve all your health and fitness goals in 2013!   Happy New Year, may your goals become a reality.


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