Does Dieting Make You Fat?

How many of you have gone a diet?  I am going to assume that if you actually read this article, the answer is yes!  Ok, second question – How many of you stayed on the diet for more than two weeks?  In fact research shows that most people stay on a diet for… are you ready for this?  TWO WEEKS!!!!  I think it is safe to say that two weeks is not going to really going to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

 So why don’t diets work? Diets restrain people and people don’t like to be restrained.   It is like going to back to being a kid and your parents said, “Don’t look in the basement storage area!”  What is the first thing you want to do?  Go and look in the basement storage area.  Well the same principle applies here. 

 Research and my years of my experience in the fitness industry show that you if you want to lose weight you need to combine exercise with diet.  Here is an example; two people start a diet.  One person watches calories and diet only, and another person combines exercise and diet.  Both people lose the same amount of weight!  However, the person on the diet only, NO exercise, loses more of their muscle.  The person combining diet and exercise loses minimal muscle and the rest fat.  Now which one sounds better to you?   While the weight loss number might be the same, the folks who incorporated exercise lost more fat and they have a higher percentage of keeping it off.

 So, what is my point?  Instead of dieting why don’t you try taking the road less traveled and try changing your habits verses trying a short term diet – that won’t work.  That is a big step for most of us.  However, the research shows that those who track what they eat have a higher success of weight loss, NOT dieting.  Try logging your food with a food app or start a food journal.  Note, I didn’t say don’t eat or limit certain foods from your diet, track the calories.

 So why exercise if you lose the same amount weight?  I already told you that you lose more fat verses muscle.  You will look and feel better as well.  If you start to look and feel better, you will be more likely to stick to an exercise program and on your way to a healthier lifestyle!

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