Strength training, the difference between strength and endurance and why you need both.

When it comes to strength training there are a few things that you need to consider when developing your workout plan.  First of all in order to have a well balanced workout routine you need to include strength training.  Strength training offers the following benefits; increased bone and muscle strength, increased muscle mass, and of course there is the extra added benefit that your clothes will fit better and you will just feel better when you are stronger!

 Whether you are working out on your own or you have a personal trainer, you want to be sure that have a balanced routine.  Your workouts should include at least two days of strength training and at least 3 days of cardio, but up to 5 days of cardio if your goal is weight loss.  Strength training workouts can include the following; weights- either free or machines, TRX, Pilates, and resistance tubing.  Like any type of training you should mix it up and try to combine different options into your routine. 

 When I design strength training programs for people I first evaluate where they are with the basics.  I look at their balance, flexibility and major muscle firing patterns.  Once I have a baseline of where they are at and what their goals are, I can then create a program designed for them.  When it comes to lifting weights or working with machine based equipment there are two different approaches.  You can either focus on strength or focus on endurance training of the muscle. 

 A strength focus is executed with more weight and less reps and, an endurance focus is executed with less weight and more reps.  For example, take a simple bicep curl with free weights.  If I wanted to focus on strength of the muscle I might pick a more challenging weight for the client and do 3 sets of 10 reps.  If I wanted to work on endurance muscle strength of that same muscle then, I would pick a lighter weight, but assign 3 sets of 15 reps of that exercise.  In either case you want to be sure that the weight amount you assign works the muscle to fatigue by the last set.

 It is important to train your muscles to both methods so that you can continue to see and feel results.  It is usually best to keep with the same exercise method for 4 to 6 weeks and then switch to the other.  This will keep the body guessing and hence you will get better results from your workout.  Be sure you are exercising smart and getting the most from your workouts!

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