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Happy New Year!  If you recall last year at this time I wrote about keeping to your goals for 2011.  Do you still have your sheet?  Did you meet your goals?  Never mind, it doesn’t matter, it is a new year and time to start over.   This year I want to talk about making fitness and health a family affair.  There is so much talk about obesity, both adult and child.  I believe that good health and fitness habits are formed at an early age and just like anything else good habits start at home. 


 Research supports that forming good exercise habits early on in life will lead to a higher success rate, but so does exercising with a friend.   Your exercise buddy can also be your one of your family members.  As I looked back on 2011 I realized that we had a lot of family involvement at my studio.  For example, we have Mothers and Daughters, sisters, husband and wives, and in some cases the whole family that workout together.  Not only does this promote good fitness habits, but it promotes spending time with your family too. 

 I have seen some really great success with family members working out together over the years.  There are a few situations that stick out in my mind.  For example, I have a seen a lot of Mothers and Daughters that have enjoyed Xtend Barre together.  The daughters are in their teenage years and used to dance, but have since quit dancing and the Xtend Barre workout fills the void they miss from dance.  My studio in turn has offered a Mother/ Daughter workout for Mother’s Day and other special events.  These classes and special events have been a great way to get folks to try something new, exercise and have fun!   Have you ever been to a Zumba Feista or Zumba-A-Thon?  Yet another great way to have fun and workout. 

 I have also seen family members join together to help another family member recover from surgery or get back into shape from an injury.   Have you ever thought about working with a personal trainer or starting a Pilates program with a spouse, friend or sibling?   I get a lot of clients coming out of physical therapy that choose to start Pilates to help strengthen their core.  Not only does it get folks started with an exercise program, but it shows support of their family member as they are changing their lifestyles.  I think these situations are my favorite. 

 If you are starting to think about a fitness program this year, take a moment to think about someone you love and see if they might be want to join you.  Not only will you be changing the habits of two people, but you will have a partner in crime towards achieving your 2012 goals.  And maybe, just maybe you will have some fun too!


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