TRX, a nice alternative to weights.

TRX, Chest Fly

One of the classes and pieces of equipment that I feel has yet to be recognized in the Columbus area is the TRX®.    The TRX® suspension trainer is still a growing trend in the fitness industry.  TRX® is not only a piece of equipment, but is a whole new system of strength training in itself.  In addition to increasing one’s strength, you will also improve balance, flexibility, and mobility when using the TRX®. 

The TRX® originated within the US Navy SEALS and was further developed by Fitness Anywhere.  The equipment itself is lightweight, but very durable and supportive, therefore making it easy to travel with and use.  It can be used in the home over a door, outside on a large well established tree, or inside a fitness facility for personal training or group classes.   The TRX® just needs to be mounted to something that can support your body weight and the exercises you perform during your workout.

One of the things that I like about the TRX® is the ability to mix up your strength routine from weights and incorporate a cardio and core workout as well.  Since all the exercises that are performed during a workout require you to hold good form and maintain a good core connection, you can’t really cheat.  During a workout you will work all major 8 to 10 muscle groups and more, but instead of using weights for the resistance you are using your own body weight.  You can increase or decrease the resistance by changing the angel of your body in relationship to the anchor of the straps.

The workouts can be varied each time which keeps things more interesting for the client.  Fitness Anywhere has a wide range of videos and different workout routine available.  However, I personally prefer to take class from an instructor, who can me challenge me and show different options for different levels.  Which brings me to my next point, a TRX® workout can be good for people of all fitness levels and the workouts themselves can be 30 to 60 minutes and still provide a good sweat

The TRX® is also used for a lot of sports conditioning for professional athletes.  But it doesn’t have to be for just for the pro’s, it can do a lot for the teenage athlete.  A lot of the exercises on the TRX® are targeting developing fast twitch muscle fibers which are needed for good sports performance.

Being a Pilates instructor I can appreciate the use of the “core” during a TRX® workout.  I actually find that clients who have Pilates experience do better during their first few workouts because they do have a good connection.   Having said that, just with any other exercise formatthe more you do it the better you become!  If you are looking for something to mix up your strength routine you might want to give TRX® a try.



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