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September marks the start of change, not only a change in season but a change in schedule and routine for most of us.  Summer is over and we are back to school, back to work, back to a fitness routine.  I find summer to be an interesting season for most people’s fitness routines.  There are a lot of great options out there for people to take advantage of; biking, outdoor boot camp, swimming, boating, walking and running.  And then there is the option of DO NOTHING, it is summer break after all!

Summer seems to be the ideal time for people to justify not keeping up with their workout routines.  There are just too many viable excuses.   The kids are out school, vacations, camps, and of course it is nice out and I will do something outside.  This is a great option by the way, go outside do something different and take advantage of the weather.  However, the weather then becomes our excuse, “It’s too hot to exercise outside.”  My point is summer can be a lot like the holidays, easy to fall out of your fitness routine. 

Well, it is fall and it is time to get back to it!  As you are getting your kids back to their routine be sure to get yourself back to yours.  Fitness needs to be part of your routine if you are going to keep with and commit to a healthy lifestyle.  It is just too hard to stop and start again. It is like dieting.  Don’t do it, just eat healthy and don’t deny yourself treats, just eat them in moderation.   

I see a lot of people start a fitness program after the holidays and stick with it till summer and then they disappear.  Sometimes I see them come back in the studio or gym in September, but sometimes not.  School has started and there are sports and other activities that take our attention. Then the holidays are just around the corner.  SO, we wait and start all over again in January.  The people who have the most success with living a healthy and fit life are those who stick to it year round.

You may be reading this and saying to yourself, “well that is not fair, I need to take a break every not and then or, I need to work around my kid’s schedule.”  Agreed I say!  You should take a break from your fitness routine every now and then, just not three months.  And yes, you need to work around your family’s schedule.   I have two children, so I understand that need. 

But be sure when you are putting together the new schedule for the season, make time for yourself.  Schedules change, you adapt to your work schedule or your family’s schedule, be sure to adapt your fitness schedule as well.  September is one of those months that we sit down and reevaluate so be sure to start now and get back into a routine that you can follow! 


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