Do You Want to MELT?

I want to share a new self treatment method that I have recently experienced, the MELT Method. Say what?  MELT, is a simple proactive self treatment method that works to eliminate pain and fight against the forces of aging on our body so that we can live a more healthy and active lifestyle.  Sounds good doesn’t it?

I first read about the MELT Method in an issue of Pilates Style Magazine.  After reading the article I wanted to find out more and see how I could bring this method to my clients.  I contacted Sue Hitzmann, the creator of the MELT Method, to find out more.  I traveled to Richmond, Virginia to become certified to become a Hand and Foot Instructor.  This two day course spent time explaining the Science behind MELT, called New Science, and how to actually teach the technique of the Hand and Foot treatment.  New Science addresses the neurofascial system, or nervous system and connective tissue in the body.  The neurofascial system creates a communication network that supports, protects, and stabilizes the body.  Or the “Autopilot” as it is called in MELT.

So who needs to MELT?  Anyone who experiences inefficiency in their bodies should MELT.   If you can answer yes to one of the following then you have inefficiency in your body. 

  • Inflammation?
  • Chronic Pain?
  • Joint Pain or swelling?
  • Stress or depression?
  • Digestive problems?
  • Disruptive sleep?

Who doesn’t experience at least one of these symptoms?  As we age our connective tissue becomes dehydrated and these symptoms can arise in our bodies.  The MELT treatment helps rehydrate our connective tissue and in turn addresses the above issues.

During a Hand and Foot treatment you will use 3 different small balls that are made up of different consistencies.  The treatment can take up to 40 minutes if you do the whole thing or just 3 to 5 minutes for a shorten version.  Either way you will feel the difference right away.  Before each MELT session you; assess, treat, and reassess.  I have since taught many people this technique since my trip to Richmond and have seen some great results. 

 Let me leave you with  a quick success story that Sue Hitzmann shared with us.  She was asked by a client to help their Grandfather, who was 80 years old and used to be a concert pianist at Carnegie Hall.  His hands were riddled with arthritis he could barely straighten his fingers.  Sue asked him to do two MELT exercises a day and she worked with him 3 times. On her fourth visit the Grandfather was sitting at his piano playing it! I love that story!  The MELT Method can help you achieve your goal to live a more healthy and pain free lifestyle.  To learn more about The MELT Method you can go to and find a class near you.

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