Did You Quit Yet?

Well it is February, have you given up on your New Year’s resolutions yet?  Don’t stress, most people have usually fallen off the wagon at this point.   I am going to refer back to last month’s article,” New Goals, New Year, and New Disappointments”.  So let’s review when you set a goal it must be: specific, measureable, achievable, realistic, and have a timeline.  Sound familiar?  Ok, so put this article down go find where you wrote down the goals and double check them.  What happened?

Oh, I see you didn’t write them down…  No matter.  Most of us go full throttle; diet change, workout every day, and by week three we give up.  This approach is just too much for most people to adapt to, especially if they are just starting a fitness and wellness program.  The other problem with this approach is we all have unrealistic expectations.  Oh wait, there is another thing our goals are suppose to be, REALISTIC!!!!  A good weight loss goal is 2lbs a week.  But by week three that is only 6lbs and for most of us that isn’t worth all the sacrifices we just made.  We want results now!!!!  It doesn’t work this way.

Let me share a story with you, better yet a success story.  I have a client at my studio who came to me last January who is in her early thirties, active, and a working professional.  She liked to participate in outdoor activities with her husband, such as hiking, biking, and walking.  She was experiencing low back pain and it was prohibiting her from being able to do these things.  She had read that Pilates helps with back pain so she wanted to give it a try.  She started with the goal of becoming pain free.  At first she started with Pilates private sessions twice a week.  After about 3 or 4 months she gave Zumba a try.  So now she is doing Pilates twice and Zumba twice a week.  By the end of 2010 she also added in a TRX strength class and Xtend Barre.  She was able to add the other activities once her low back pain subsided.  Goal number one met!

In addition to working her way up to 6 exercise classes a week, on a consistent basis, she was also watched  what she ate. Note, she is did not diet or give up any of the food she was eating, but watched her portion sizes.  By the end of 2010 she lost 25lbs, was pain free, and enjoying life.  Note this took one year to complete, not three weeks.  This approach will more than likely keep her on the path of a healthy lifestyle forever!  And better yet she will not have to make New Year’s resolutions again, she is living it!

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