New Year, New Goals, and New Disappointments

It is January and another new year is upon us.  Most people set New Year’s Resolutions, and one of those resolutions is to lose weight or exercise, or both.  For those of us in the fitness industry it is a time when we see people return to the gym and hope to get it right this year.  By mid February it is usually just the regulars on the fitness floor and most people will try again next year.  Does this sound familiar?  Doesn’t this seem to be a vicious cycle that ends up in disappointment?  In this month’s article I want to address setting goals and how to feel successful.  We spend too much time setting goals that lead to disappointment.

A goal must have the following; it must be specific, measureable, achievable, realistic, and have a timeline.  I believe when setting fitness and health goals you need to have more than, “I want to lose weight.”  Wanting to lose weight can be a goal, but you need to be specific (how much), measurable, achievable… let me say that again ACHIEVABLE, realistic and a due date.  I would also recommend having another goal that is not weight related but fitness related.  Once you have determined your goals you need to share them with someone.  If it is a health and fitness goal, I would be sure to share with someone you know in the industry.  For example, a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, or wellness coach.  If you don’t share the goal, then how are you going to get help to achieve it?

As a fitness professional part of my job is to help my clients achieve their goals.  One of the goals I set at my studio is, Fit Club.  Anyone can join and it is free. You have to attend 145 classes for the year and then you are in!  We have a little party and prize for all those who make it into the club.  Clients keep track of their progress and they have a deadline of the end of the year.  Now, isn’t this a great fitness goal and wouldn’t you feel successful if you made it?  While this isn’t a weight related goal, attending 145 classes should change your fitness level and how you feel in your clothes.  And maybe you tried a class or an exercise format you wouldn’t have.  Best of all you stuck with an exercise program for a whole year!!!

You need to ask yourself, “What does being healthy and fit mean to you?”  Then set goals around that meaning, because what one persons definition is might be different than another.  I know I sometimes have a goal for my client, which may not be their goal, but I feel like it would be good for them.   I have to sit back and really listen to my client and ask them what they want to achieve and be sure I am helping them do just that.  Now, I might jump in and give some guidance when needed and make sure what we are doing really addresses their goals, but again it is their goal, not mine. 

I see so many people feel unsuccessful in meeting their fitness goals; you need to start success with taking a look at the goal itself.  Does it meet all the standards; specific, measureable, achievable, realistic, and have a timeline.  Did you write it down and share with someone?    We all want to be successful, so be sure to surround yourself with people who are positive and want to see you be successful.  Of course, be realistic, it is YOUR goal.  You need to hold yourself accountable too.  So start 2011 off right and make your resolution to be successful and set SMART goals!

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