Pilates Tower Class

Turning Point Fitness has recently purchased five Pilates Tower units.  They have been set up and put to use for the last week.  Needless to say many of my clients find them quite interesting, since not too many fitness facilities in the Columbus area have these unique pieces of Pilates equipment.  I figured I would take some time and explain the purpose and benefits of these units. 

 The Tower itself is connected to the wall and the floor.   The Tower unit consists of; arm and leg springs, push through bar, and roll down bar. The Tower has everything but the trapeze from the traditional Cadillac.  And most of the exercises that are performed on the Cadillac can be executed on the Tower.  At the base of the Tower is a traditional Pilates mat.  The mats can be used alone in a basic Pilates mat class as well as for the Tower class. 

A Tower class can be a great way to enhance your Pilates practice.  It can spice up your mat work and get one to engage more through their core, or if you prefer to work only with Pilates equipment it is a great way to still get your mat work integrated into your practice.  A Tower class can be formatted two different ways.  One, it can start with the mat exercises with no equipment and then add in equipment based exercises at the end of the mat series.  Or, the class can integrate the equipment into the traditional mat exercises and then add in Cadillac exercises throughout the workout.  The class should still follow a progression of horizontal to vertical and end standing.   I think it can be a great bridge from mat to equipment without doing a private and stay within a budget.  If you have no Pilates equipment experience be sure to start with an intro or basic Tower class.  While you may be well versed in Pilates Mat exercises, the setting up of the equipment can be somewhat confusing and overwhelming at first. 

The Tower is a great way to experience Pilates equipment, which of course helps one engage and feel the core muscles working.  I personally feel that working with the Tower and the exercises that were created for it will also help you engage the muscles in your back, or your secondary powerhouse.  You will typically find there is more upper body driven exercises during the class.   If you haven’t experienced this class format and you love Pilates, this is a class that you will want to try!

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